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AltSignal presale 53% sold out as investors eye hot AI-related investment opportunity

ByBenson Toti

Mar 31, 2023
AltSignal presale 53% sold out as investors eye hot AI-related investment opportunity

Are you looking to invest in a new crypto project? AltSignals’ token presale is 53% sold out, with interest in the leading trading signals project growing as it nears the launch of its new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered algorithm. 

And with experts predicting that the crypto market is on the verge of a new bullish cycle, the AltSignal presale looks to be one of those “do not miss out” investment opportunities.

The AltSignals presale, which you can join here, offers such an opening.

Why is AltSignals potentially the best AI-related investment opportunity?

2023 has been largely positive for cryptocurrencies in terms of market performance, with traders benefiting from multiple opportunities as prices rose to new year-to-date highs. Traders using top trading algorithms like AltSignals have also benefited from highly accurate market predictions during the expected pullbacks.

Now bullish predictions for the crypto market are in, with experts pointing to the industry’s resilience amid a new wave of regulatory crackdown as an indicator of possible price explosion in the next few months. The historical market cycle also suggests the next one or two years could see Bitcoin and other crypto assets hit new all-time highs.

Given this outlook, investors keen on netting the next investment gem might want to look at projects within the hot AI space. As Big Tech hotshots look to harness the best of AI for the greater good, one project emerging as a standout for the trading industry is AltSignals.

What is AltSignals and what does it offer?

AltSignals is a leading trading signals provider, with a huge community that has grown to over 50,000 traders. The project caters to all types of traders, giving the best in quality trading signals for cryptocurrency, Forex, stocks and CFDs via cutting-edge technology.

Traders have rated AltSignals highly, with the platform’s growing accuracy set to be bolstered with its introduction of AI, machine learning and natural language processing powered capacity.

How does AltSignals’ AI layer work?

How ActualizeAI works and what it promises to offer can be deduced from AltSignals current product. As noted, AltSignals has integrated artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing into its already working product.

ActualizeAI will revolutionise this, massively boasting the trading algorithm. Model training will increase accuracy as is currently possible with the AltSignals Algo layer, with the AI layer giving traders the edge when it comes to nailing market data and patterns.

Details on the AltSignals website show the AltAlgo indicator traded with an 83% success rate for Bitcoin when it opened, and a 70% success rate for Ethereum. With 64% win rate across its signals, a bump to highs of 90% or higher is expected when the ActualizeAI launches in the second half of 2023. As more traders make informed trades, predictive modelling will offer users access to a fully automated, 24/7 trading capability.

Powering the ActualizeAI ecosystem is the ASI token. Traders will need the token to unlock the AI layer. Holding ASI will also unlock discounts and beta access to future features, while token holders will also get an opportunity to earn rewards when they contribute to the project’s development. 

The opportunity to earn ASI will also be available via backtesting, with a chance to accrue some more tokens presented every week. Investors can hold the ASI or sell them for some quick profits.

Is this a good time to invest in AltSignals?

You can never say with certainty that this or that is the perfect time to invest. However, an investor can seize on opportunities that present themselves – looking at the risk/reward ratio as they allocate a portion of their money to the investment. 

As noted above, market experts are largely bullish on crypto and related assets, particularly towards the end of the year. Most analysts are positive about a new bullish cycle in 2024-2025. Amid this is the AI narrative, one of the hottest topics today. 

A summary outlook for AltSignals in this case therefore would be that the ASI presale offers a tremendous opportunity. Notable would be the fact that investors can buy ASI tokens at prices likely not to be seen again. ASI tokens are selling at $0.012, but the presale will end with the price of ASI at $0.02274. 

This means that an investor who joins the presale at the current stage is set to see an 89% return on their investment. 

Is the ASI price going to hit $1 in 2024?  

The ROI once the new ActualizeAI algorithm goes live and ASI tokens begin trading on secondary markets could be 5x, 10x or even more. Investors will know that every investment carries risks and returns might not be as huge as anticipated. However, it’s also possible that a chance such as this where ASI is available at current prices might never be available again. 

Buying low looks an attractive deal, particularly for a project with a great community around it and a game-changing product in the offing.If you want to be an early bird in this exciting project, join the ASI presale here.


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