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Don’t Want To Face Airport Delays? Frankfurt Authorities Say Ditch Those Black Suitcases!

ByNavdeep Yadav

Jul 25, 2022
Don't Want To Face Airport Delays? Frankfurt Authorities Say Ditch Those Black Suitcases!

German holidaymakers are advising travelers to ditch black suitcases and use colorful luggage to avoid airport delays.

What Happened: The black suitcases’ predominance has contributed to the difficulties faced by baggage handlers in recent weeks because it is “hard to distinguish them from each other,” Stefan Schulte, the head of Frankfurt airport, told German media, according to The Guardian.

Schulte advised that the passengers should, wherever possible, bring hand luggage only, and if not, they should use suitcases that would be easier to identify.

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“Many people travel with black suitcases on wheels which makes identifying them very time-intensive,” Thomas Kirner, a spokesperson for the airport, said.

According to Kirner, the number of stranded suitcases at the airport had been reduced in recent days but still stood at about “low four-figures.” He estimated that there were about 2,000 suitcases that had not been reunited with their owners.

This came after the Frankfurt airport, during the pandemic, reduced its workforce by about 4,000, and it is now struggling to resume its regular operations amid a surge in summer traffic now.

Meanwhile, U.K.’s busiest airport​​ , Heathrow, is also repeatedly suffering chaos amid flight cancellations, long queues, lost baggage mountains, and strike threats. The airport authorities also told airlines to turn passengers away. Last week, it also announced a 100,000 daily cap on passengers until September 11, according to The Guardian.

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