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Elon Musk Fraud Trial Over 2018 Tesla Tweet Gets 9 Jurors

ByShivdeep Dhaliwal

Jan 18, 2023
Elon Musk Fraud Trial Over 2018 Tesla Tweet Gets 9 Jurors

Nine jurors have been selected for a trial over allegations that Tesla Inc TSLA CEO Elon Musk committed fraud when he tweeted in 2018 that he was taking the automaker private.

What Happened: Opening arguments for the case have been reserved for Wednesday by the judge in a San Francisco federal court. The trial could go on until Feb. 3, reported Bloomberg.

During the jury selection process, several prospective jurors voiced their critical opinions on the billionaire entrepreneur, according to the report.

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One described Musk as “off his rocker,” while another reportedly said he was “arrogant and unpredictable.”

A juror who made it through 15 rounds was cut after the judge asked for a description of Musk from her. She said he was “not a very likable person.” Yet another said Musk had “embarrassed himself in engineering circles,” according to the report.

Why It Matters: The comments from the potential jurors came in written questionnaires while others were made in live court, reported Bloomberg.

The judge in the matter, Edward Chen, expressed confidence that Musk would get a fair trial even though the billionaire’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, complained that he couldn’t, reported Bloomberg separately. 

Spiro reportedly argued that the juror questionnaires show “not only that a vast majority of potential jurors hold ill-will toward Mr. Musk. but that they are not afraid to declare it proudly and vividly to the court.”

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