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EXCLUSIVE: Holiday Cannabis Shopping Trends And Deals According To Weedmaps Data – WM Tech (NASDAQ:MAPS)

ByNicolás Jose Rodriguez

Nov 16, 2022
EXCLUSIVE: Holiday Cannabis Shopping Trends And Deals According To Weedmaps Data - WM Tech (NASDAQ:MAPS)

End-of-the-year holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Green Wednesday are recognized as some of the biggest days for cannabis deals and sales.

Weedmaps MAPS, a leading online cannabis marketplace for consumers with a comprehensive set of eCommerce and compliance software solutions, reflected on data collected from over a million transactions between October 2021 through January 2022, to understand cannabis shopping trends during the holidays.

In 2021, Weedmaps saw an increase of 167% in orders placed using promo codes, with a rise overall in the average number of orders placed. With the right campaign mix, retail shops can have the opportunity to boost their sales, as consumers get in “the shopper” mindset and stock up to share with family and friends.

According to Weedmaps, overall, Black Friday is the biggest day for stocking up in preparation for the holidays, with 300% more shoppers viewing and claiming Weedmaps site deals, followed by Green Wednesday and Thanksgiving with a 200% increase.

Deal claims per day for Thanksgiving increased by 61% in 2021, 93% on Green Wednesday and 170% on Black Friday.

In terms of average orders per day, Green Wednesday leads the list of holidays with a 30% increase. And an increase in the overall volume of deal browsers of 23%, well above Christmas. 

With an increased 156% use of seasonal promo codes and 40% more orders placed during the holidays in the Eastern markets, there is probably something about the large family tables and the munchies that attract cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy assorted products. Cannabis flowers were the most popular product sold in the northeast markets, dominating over 58% of total sales followed by edibles and concentrates.

With the current economic situation, we might think that people will be looking mostly at deals. However, data shows that the calendar and dates of festivities also affect or condition patterns of consumption. And in fact, according to Weedmaps data from 2021, when holidays fall on a weekend, retailers receive the highest number of sales and traffic on the Friday of that weekend.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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