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Field Trip Health & Wellness Ltd. Launches Online Therapy Covered By Major Insurance Providers

ByLara Goldstein

Jan 16, 2023
Field Trip Health & Wellness Ltd. Launches Online Therapy Covered By Major Insurance Providers

Psychedelics therapy provider Field Trip Health & Wellness Ltd. launched a new online therapy offer with the goal of providing a combination of talk therapy, integrative wellness tools and insights derived from its experience in ketamine-assisted therapy.

“We are delivering unparalleled mental health results for people who complete our ketamine-assisted therapy. At the same time, we know that ketamine therapies are not for everyone,” says Field Trip’s chairman and CEO Ronan Levy. “That is why I’m thrilled to introduce our Field Trip Online Therapy program. It brings the unique insights our team has learned from providing psychedelic therapies and translates them into an offering that reaches a wider audience of people, at a time when they need it most.”

As such, the new online therapy system will provide care for those seeking therapeutic support within their specific mental or physical health conditions but also extend to people aiming to integrate insights and learnings from ketamine infusions or other psychedelic experiences.

Each session will be 53 minutes long, including talk therapy and holistic wellness practices like breathwork, somatic release, visualization and meditation. Clients will be able to self-schedule through the Field Trip platform. 

Every therapist working in the program will be required to complete Field Trip’s psychotherapy training program before taking patients.

“Our therapists are holistic and integrative and trained in psychedelically-supportive practices and they approach care in an open, compassionate, connected, and non-judgemental manner,”

Importantly, the new offering will be the first of Field Trip’s services to be accepted by major insurance providers such as Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Oxford, United Healthcare and Oscar Health. 

The service is now available in New York, with the company planning to extend it to other states throughout 2023.

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

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