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French Minister Outlines Plan to Save Energy Amid Crisis

ByBloomberg News

Jul 24, 2022
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(Bloomberg) — The French government is doubling down on calls to save energy amid rising prices and the war in Ukraine.

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(Bloomberg) — The French government is doubling down on calls to save energy amid rising prices and the war in Ukraine.

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Agnes Pannier-Runacher, minister for energy transition, said steps include a ban on illuminated advertising at night, except at train stations and airports, and preventing stores from keeping doors open when air conditioning or heating is on. This will allow businesses to cut their energy bills by 20%, she told the Journal du Dimanche in an interview.

The comments come after Emmanuel Macron warned efforts would be needed to cut consumption during his Bastille Day interview earlier this month. Macron, who once slammed the “Amish model” of those promoting energy sobriety to tackle climate change, also accused Russia of weaponizing gas supplies. 

Don’t Forget to Turn Off the Lights, French Government Urges

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At the same time, the government is considering extra subsidies on fuel amid rising prices at gas stations. “In the medium term, we must support the French in their energy transition, but in the short term we must adapt to the reality,” Pannier-Runacher said.

The European Union has proposed that the bloc reduce gas consumption by 15% over the next eight months.

The minister on Sunday reiterated a target to cut energy use 40% by 2050 and by 10% before 2024, thanks to economizing, energy efficiency, renewables and nuclear energy. While France is less dependent on Russian gas than some neighbors, it has been hampered by issues at its nuclear plants, which provide more than half the country’s energy.

Macron has urged companies, citizens and local administrations to work on contingency plans during the summer to avoid a difficult winter as Europe grapples with its worst energy supply crunch in decades.

Pannier-Runacher also urged companies to promote lower speed on roads. Stricter speed limits dictated by the state, in addition to a tax on fuel, had contributed to the emergence of the grassroots Yellow Vest movement to protest economic inequality in 2018. 

She said decrees will be unveiled next week to unlock the production of 10 gigawatts of photovoltaic and wind power, as well as biogas.

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