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How To Go From Red To $100K In Trading Profits In One Year {VIDEO}

ByTimothy Sykes

Jul 12, 2022
How To Go From Red To $100K In Trading Profits In One Year {VIDEO}

Success in the market doesn’t happen overnight. And my student Bryce Tuohey knows that first hand. He’s put in a ton of work to learn how to trade… 

He stuck with it and now he’s closing in on $1 million in trading profits.  

Watch part one of my interview with Bryce here. And see what else you can learn from his journey in the video below. Plus, discover… 

  • How Bryce went from knowing nothing about finding big gainers to where he is today. 
  • Can big losses lead to aha moments?
  • How being honest with yourself can give you your trading edge.
  • Why small gains are the key to trading consistency.
  • How Bryce adapted to changing markets and trading drawdowns…

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