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Lorde Revealed Her Album ‘Solar Power’ Was Inspired By Weed: ‘I Had A Bad Acid Experience And I Was Like, ‘It’s A Marijuana Album”

ByEl Planteo

Nov 7, 2022
Lorde Revealed Her Album 'Solar Power' Was Inspired By Weed: 'I Had A Bad Acid Experience And I Was Like, 'It's A Marijuana Album''

By Franca Quarnetti via El Planteo

, the 24-year-old celebrity singer from New Zealand, revealed that her albums can be distinguished by the substances she used when she made them, including marijuana.


Thus, in an interview for the cover of Vogue magazine, the artist said that Pure Heroine, her debut album from 2013, which deals with themes of teenage angst and suburban isolation, was shaped by her first experiences with alcohol.

On the other hand, Melodrama, her 2017 album, has a close relationship with MDMA or ecstasy. As she told Vogue, “the tracklist was designed to reflect a kaleidoscopic night of post-heartbreak hedonism.”

And, by the way, Solar Power, her most recent release from August 2021, has many cannabis influences.

About Solar Power, Lorde’s Album Inspired By Marijuana

Lorde originally thought it would be an album about acid, but this later changed: “I had a bad acid experience with this album, and I was like, ‘Meh, it’s a marijuana album.’ It’s one of my great weed albums.”

“Solar Power is related to cannabis, not in the style of bong hits in a room, but like THC gummies on a cliff at sunset,” she explained.

Fact: The Auckland-born goddess can be seen smoking cannabis from a pipe made of fennel (yes, you read that right: fennel) in the video for “Solar Power,” the title track from the self-titled album.

Image by El Planteo

A Pro Weed

In a radio program, Lorde said that she voted in favor of the legalization of marijuana for adult use in a referendum that took place last year in her country.

“My God, are you kidding me? Everybody knows it’s a yes,” she told the presenters.

For example, although medical cannabis is legal in New Zealand, the referendum to legalize recreational marijuana failed, with 53% voting against it and 46% in favor.

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