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Missing Indonesian Woman’s Body Found Intact Inside 22-Foot Python After It Swallowed Her Whole

ByNavdeep Yadav

Oct 27, 2022
Missing Indonesian Woman's Body Found Intact Inside 22-Foot Python After It Swallowed Her Whole

A 54-year-old Indonesian woman, who had gone missing from her workplace on Sunday, was found dead inside a 22-foot-long python that appeared unusually bloated.

What Happened: The authorities said when they killed and cut open the python, they found the woman’s body, whole and intact, inside the snake’s stomach.

The victim was found in the snake’s stomach,” Betara Jambi police chief AKP S Harefa told local media, reported the BBC.

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The woman, identified as Jahrah, used to work at a rubber plantation in Jambi, on Sumatra island. She was reported missing on Sunday evening, according to local reports, said BBC.

Her husband, who discovered some of her clothes and work tools nearby, called a search party. A day later, the snake with a bloated body was found.

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 “The victim’s body was not destroyed when we found her inside the snake, meaning that she had only been recently swallowed whole,” said local police, reported The Washington Post.

Pythons swallow their food whole as their jaws expand wide enough to encapsulate large prey.

Previously in 2017, a viral video captured an Indonesian man who went missing and was later found inside a 23-foot-long python. Similarly, a year later, a python swallowed an Indonesian woman whole while checking on her crop.

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