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Paving The Way For Marijuana Legalization & Medical Access: Updates From NH, Delaware, ND, Texas, Florida

ByJoana Scopel

Mar 14, 2023
Paving The Way For Marijuana Legalization & Medical Access: Updates From NH, Delaware, ND, Texas, Florida

As the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference returns to Miami (April 11-12) bringing together top CEOs, investors, leaders, advocates, and politicians, let’s review the latest regulatory changes in the space.

New Hampshire Marijuana Legalization Plan, An Update

Lawmakers in New Hampshire recently provided an outline of the steps that will be taken to pass a marijuana legalization bill during this session.

This announcement comes several days after a House panel made progress on a separate medical cannabis home cultivation proposal, reported Marijuana Moment.

During a committee hearing, Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R) explained the concessions that have been made so far in HB 639 in order to increase its chances of being approved in the Senate.

An “Incremental Increase” In MMJ Doses, North Dakota Bill

North Dakota lawmakers passed a new measure that would permit patients using MMJ to receive an “incremental increase” in their THC dosage, allowing up to 6,000 milligrams to be taken within a 30-day period, per a local news outlet.

The measure, which now goes to Gov. Doug Burgum‘s desk, was approved by a vote of 77-16 in the House and 33-14 in the Senate, satisfying the requirement of two-thirds votes in each chamber as it amends an initiated measure.

“Now, I’m sure you’re wondering whether 6000 milligrams is going to make you high as a kite,” said bill sponsor Rep. Brandon Pritchard (R-B). “The answer is — it’s only an incremental increase.”

Texas Considers Increasing Availability Of Medical Marijuana

Lawmakers in Austin are evaluating the option of broadening Texas’ medical marijuana program to cover cases of chronic pain where opioids would typically be prescribed, reported a local news media outlet.

The Texas Compassionate Use Program already permits medical professionals to prescribe low-THC cannabis to eligible patients. Rep. Stephanie Klick aims to create a medical program grounded in scientific data.

House Bill 1805, recently heard at the House Public Health Committee seeks the inclusion of chronic pain as a qualifying medical condition for marijuana prescriptions in cases where opioids would otherwise be prescribed. Additionally, if the measure is approved, the Department of State Health Services would be permitted to specify “debilitating medical conditions” that qualify for the program.

Florida Considers Allowing Telehealth Appointments For MMJ Patients

A proposal in Florida is considering allowing medical marijuana patients to have telehealth appointments with their doctors.

The plan has been approved by a House panel, which would permit doctors to renew medical marijuana orders through telehealth services, per Yahoo News.

Currently, a physical examination is required before doctors can prescribe medical marijuana. Some medical practitioners believe that this new proposal would be beneficial for some of the state’s most severely ill patients.

Delaware Senate Urges Congress To End Fed Pot Prohibition Amid State Legalization Efforts

The Delaware Senate passed a resolution by a 15-1 vote that requests congressional representatives to endorse the end of federal marijuana prohibition.

The resolution indicates that because of the present federal classification, funds that can be connected to a state marijuana operation might be viewed as a federal offense and money laundering, reported Marijuana Moment.

“Whereas, marijuana does not belong in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, a classification intended for exceptionally dangerous substances with high potential for abuse and no medical use,” reads the resolution. “Now, therefore, be it resolved by the Senate of the 152nd General Assembly that we urge our federal delegation to support legislation to deschedule marijuana.”

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