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Scaling Up Tips From A 24-Year Old Millionaire Trader {VIDEO}

ByTimothy Sykes

Jul 24, 2022
Scaling Up Tips From A 24-Year Old Millionaire Trader {VIDEO}

I finally got the chance to celebrate one of my top student’s $1 million profit milestone — even though he’s now closing in on $3 million in profits. It’s been a crazy world…

So I flew Jack Schwarze and his girlfriend out to Sweden to join me, and he has an epic lesson to share with you all…

Tune in below to see:

  • How we indulged at the sixth best restaurant in the world
  • What happened when Jack was too early in an oil stock play.
  • Why the same lessons repeat over time — every successful trader must learn them!
  • How big losses help you learn the right lessons and grow as a trader.
  • Why Jack wants to size down while other traders are eager to size up…

Don’t miss all these lessons from Jack in the video below!

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