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Shrooming At The Oscars? Jimmy Kimmel Asks Seth Rogen ‘What Are You On Right Now?’

ByFranca Quarneti

Mar 13, 2023
Shrooming At The Oscars? Jimmy Kimmel Asks Seth Rogen 'What Are You On Right Now?'

The 2023 Oscars were hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and as the Awards Ceremony kicked off he welcomed the stars in his own comical way, with a little bit of good-natured roasting.

In his initial monologue, the comedian addressed Steven Spielberg and Seth Rogen, who worked together in the director’s latest film, the semi-autobiographical “The Fabelmans”.

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“This is my favorite duo of the year,” Kimmel said. “Steven Spielberg and Seth Rogen. What a pair. The Joe and Hunter Biden of Hollywood,” he added, on a political note.

The 55-year-old host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” went on to reference Rogen’s use of drugs during his 95th Academy Awards monologue.

“Seth, what are you on right now?” he mocked from the stage.

“Be honest… Mushrooms right? Did you give one to Steven? Give him one, let’s see what happens. Maybe he’ll make something crazy,” the host said, stirring laughs from the star-studded public.

Kimmel did not hold back during the rest of his monologue, as he poked fun at some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, James Cameron, and even Will Smith.

Seth Rogen And Magic Mushrooms

Besides being all about weed – and being the founder of Houseplant, his own cannabis and ceramicware brand, Rogen has confessed his love for magic mushrooms multiple times.

In fact, he talked to Kimmel about his relationship with shrooms two times: in 2015, and again in 2019.

Moreover, the Canadian actor famous for his role in “Pineapple Express,” “Superbad,” “Freaks and Geeks” and other stoner gems, also opened up about his use of mushrooms on Twitter.

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“The only real negative repercussion of being famous is it’s harder to do shrooms in public,” Rogen tweeted in 2014.

And, more recently, in 2020, he said: “Since he’s trending, I’ll just say once I did shrooms at a party and Ron Rifkin was there, and I freaked out because I thought it was Wolf Blitzer.”

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