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The Wildest Supernova I’ve EVER Seen! {VIDEO}

ByTimothy Sykes

Aug 2, 2022
The Wildest Supernova I've EVER Seen! {VIDEO}

Price action is king in the market. And you can’t ignore the incredible uptrend in the market right now …

While short sellers all complain about inflation, a possible recession, and a market crash — they’re getting crushed. Meanwhile, you can profit from these moves on the long side…

Watch the video now to see an incredible gainer that went from roughly the $20s to $2,500 in just a few days. Plus, discover…

  • How newbies get sucked into bad strategies — learn this so you can avoid them!
  • Why it’s better to start with a small account … (Watch this video.)
  • What you missed in my FREE webinar — this could’ve prepared you for trading these recent Supernovas.
  • The next ticker to watch for a Supernova move…
  • Why I like what Bryce said at the beginning of this video.

Plus, I have a big announcement about my upcoming in-person conference. Don’t miss the video below…

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Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities in the market? Leave me a comment to let me know … Also leave a comment saying, “I will not short sell!” 

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