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3 Top Traders Give Their Best Tips To Navigate The 2022 Market {VIDEO}

ByTimothy Sykes

Jul 12, 2022
3 Top Traders Give Their Best Tips To Navigate The 2022 Market {VIDEO}

I just finished an in-person boot camp in Vegas. And I had the chance to sit down with two top students…

Jack Schwarze has made almost $3 million in trading profits. And new Challenge student Clay Ruff has made over $800,000. Hear their ups and downs along their journey and what you can learn from them in the video below. Plus, see…

  • How both of these traders handled $80,000 losses and how they used the lessons to do better…
  • When to size up and why there’s no one size that fits all.
  • Why tracking your trades is essential whether you’re winning or losing.
  • Jack and Clay’s top tips for new traders and the biggest mistakes they see new traders make.
  • The bread and butter setups Clay and Jack are using in the current market…

Don’t miss the video below!

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