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Increase Your iPhone Battery Life With This Simple Hack

ByAnanya Gairola

Mar 13, 2023
Increase Your iPhone Battery Life With This Simple Hack

Tired of worrying about iPhone’s battery life? AppleDsign, a YouTube channel with over 62.4K subscribers, talks about a common mistake most Apple owners make.

What Happened: AppleDsign shared a video on YouTube saying that Apple users should “avoid charging their phones to 100%.”

The ideal level should be between 20% to 90% — and there’s a simple hack that could help users do so.

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Just follow these steps: 

Step I: Go to Shortcuts app and head over to Automation. Click to create Personal Automation. 

Step II: Scroll down and go to Battery Level. Bring the slider up to 85% to 90% and click on next. 

Step III: Press Add Action and select speak-to-text. 

Step IV: Click the text field and type anything you want as a warning phrase.  

Step V: Press the little blue icon next to the text to select your desired voice. 

Step VI: Click Done at the bottom right. 

Step VII: To finish, press next, toggle off Ask Before Running and hit done. 

Step VIII: Now go through the same steps, but at the battery level, select falls before 20% and change the voice warning. 

Watch the aforementioned steps in action here: 

At the time of writing, the video had been viewed more than one million times. 

Why It’s Important: According to Apple and many others, users should keep their iPhone battery level between 30% to 80%. Consistently topping up to 100% isn’t optimal. While it may not necessarily damage battery health, regularly running down to 0% could prematurely lead to a battery’s demise, reported Macworld. 

Apple also advises users to avoid exposing their device to ambient temperatures higher than 35° C or 95° F as it can “permanently damage battery capacity.”

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