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Lessons From Penny Stock Legend Tim Grittani, the $13 Million Man!

ByTimothy Sykes

Jul 22, 2022
Lessons From Penny Stock Legend Tim Grittani, the $13 Million Man!

Key Takeaways

  • Tim Grittani is one of the best penny stock traders of all time… See all of his accomplishments below.
  • See ALL of Tim’s resources to help yourself level-up as a trader.
  • Get inside Grittani’s mind and see all of the amazing knowledge he has to offer — both for newbies and experienced traders!

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I’m not so great at math … What is the percent gain going from $1,500 to over $13.5 million?

I don’t know the number, but I know it’s insane. And that’s what Tim Grittani has done in his trading career.

Grittani is an amazing student and friend and I want to give you as many lessons from him as I can…

He’s been kind enough over the years to do a lot of interviews with me and others in the StocksToTrade world, giving you access to his incredible trading mind … For free!

So here you have it … Anything and everything Tim Grittani!

Let’s start with some stats, patterns, and key moments in Tim’s career…


  • Nearly 7,000 trades
  • Winning percentage of almost 68%
  • Average percent-gain of 7%
  • Over $13.5 million in trading profits

See Tim’s Profit.ly chart here.

Favorite Patterns

Tim, like any good trader, adapts to the markets as they develop.

In his earlier days, Grittani rode OTC pumps to the moon. These days, he looks more for OTC breakouts, low float listed breakouts, and short-sell opportunities.


  • 2011 – Grittani began Pennystocking Silver before upgrading to the Trading Challenge; he was unprofitable in his first nine months
  • 2013 – Tim made his way up to the $100,000 mark; by the end of the year, he was at $1 million
  • 2014 – Grittani was doing well during this time, but not as well as he’d hoped … He suffered his infamous $290,000 loss because he wasn’t cutting losses
  • 2015 – Tim releases “Trading Tickers” DVD
  • 2017 – Near the end of the year, Tim crossed the $5 million mark
  • 2020 – Grittani breaks $10 million!
  • 2021 – Tim releases “Trading Tickers 2” and surpasses $13 million in trading profits

Learn With Tim

  • Trading Tickers – In this groundbreaking DVD released in 2015, Grittani lays out the process he goes through before making a trade. Then, he dives into specific strategies he uses on a daily basis. He showcases the setups he likes, his entry/exits, and explains WHY he does everything that he does — so you can learn for yourself!


  • Trading Tickers 2 – This new DVD, released in 2021, gives an updated look at the market. Grittani showcases every pattern he uses and packs HOURS of live training inside. He also gives you the “blueprint” to finding the best spots to dip buy runners.

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Tim Grittani Is a Living Legend

Tim Grittani is a great beacon of knowledge because he has truly seen and done it all in the trading world…

I love my millionaire students because most of them are so young and full of energy. It’s exciting to see their growth and how they inspire younger traders.

But nothing beats experience. Grittani is one of the BEST to learn from if you hope to become a successful trader.

I hope you can soak in everything Tim has to offer. Don’t let his timeless lessons go to waste!

Leave a comment below with any questions for Tim AND congratulate him on so much trading success!

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