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Not Boring News: Elon Musk’s Other Company Is Testing Full-Scale Hyperloop – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

ByChris Katje

Nov 7, 2022
Not Boring News: Elon Musk's Other Company Is Testing Full-Scale Hyperloop - Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

A company founded by Tesla Inc TSLA, SpaceX and Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced another milestone and could be getting closer to a vision laid out by the entrepreneur.

What Happened: Founded by Musk in 2016, The Boring Company has a goal of disrupting the transportation sector. The company’s Hyperloop system recently began full-scale testing.

The Boring Company tweeted that they had begun testing, but did not say where the testing was taking place. Electrek, which reported the news, guessed the new Hyperloop test is located in Texas.

The photo shows a Tesla vehicle entering the Hyperloop tube, which Electrek said was interesting as the original plans called for special pressurized vehicles for the near-vacuum environment, which would not be a capability of the Tesla vehicle in the picture.

Hyperloop has a goal of hitting travel of 600+ miles per hour, according to its website. The Boring Company will use tunnels of both its Loop and Hyperloop operations in the future.

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Why It’s Important: Musk outlined, in a 2013 white paper, a new mode of transportation using a vacuum environment in a tunnel or tube to move electric vehicles at higher speeds.

While some companies have worked on prototypes, there are no commercial applications of this concept, according to Electrek.

The Boring Company has been seeking to build loops under cities, with a current operating system in Las Vegas. The new testing of the Hyperloop effort could see The Boring Company work on the high-speed efforts for major cities over the more simplified underground tunnel loop system.

The Boring Company was valued at $5.67 billion in an April funding round of $675 million.

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Photo: Courtesy of Tesla Owners Club Belgium on flickr

Image and article originally from www.benzinga.com. Read the original article here.